Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quote of the week

"Unfortunately, we have been brought up on parlor games, where the participants discuss whether or not they are 'for' or 'against' violence. Can you picture a similar discussion on whether we are for or against disease? Violence, class struggle, and disease are real. They do not go away through mystification... those who deny the reality of violence and class struggle — like those who deny the reality of disease — are not dealing with the real world."

— Blase Bonpore in 'Pacifism as Pathology' by Ward Churchill.

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Dave Brown said...

Unfortunately doesnt go into any detail as to what causes violence - class society.
Therefore revolutionary proletarian violence is justified to overthrow ruling class violence.
But how are you going to do that?

Jared Davidson said...

It is a quote, taken from its wider context, so don't expect the quote to say everything. That said, I agree with you.

Have you read the book? It's a good read.