Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sedition #1: A Journal of Australian Anarchist Thought

Hot off the press is Sedition #1: A Journal of Australian Anarchist Thought, a beautifully designed collection of contemporary anarchist writing from Australia. The product of collaboration between MAC, Jura and Organise!, Sedition looks to be a good read.

From the Anarchy website: "Sedition is a mutual collaboration between three geographically disparate Australian anarchist collectives; Melbourne Anarchist Club, the Jura collective from Sydney, and Organise! – the Adelaide anarchist communist group. This project is a constructive medium for discussing the way forward for anarchist groups and anarchism in Australia, both in theory and praxis. We aim to establish better communication and organisational networks between our groups and to produce thought provoking literature."
Download it here, and have a peek at their website while you're at it.

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