Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Becoming a dad for the second time must have triggered some kind of punk-regression, because what little time I have between naps and nappies is being spent on a blog called CUT & PASTE. There are hundreds of punk, hardcore, thrashcore, fastcore and powerviolence bands on there, all with downloads.

In keeping with the name of the blog, here are some of my favourites so far:

Human Junk

"Human Junk is an incredibly raw and blistering two-man hardcore punk from the UK. Super-fast and rad as all hell. Noisy and thrashy riffs, spastic drums & utterly pissed vocals work magic for these guys. Any fans of powerviolence and fastcore must snag this immediately."

Man Hands Split Cassette (2011)
(Human Junk Tracks Only)

"Threatener is ridiculously hyper, manic, destructive & extreme fastcore extravaganza. These punks from An Arbor, Michigan tear shit up! Super-thrashin' speeds of power-chord shredding, absurdly fast drumming, and harsh & rowdy vox. They are a distorted, rusty buzzsaw right through your brain. Soooo fucking good! They sadly only lasted from 2001-2005."


"If you haven't heard of this band yet you are an idiot. Period. Vaccine is yet another Western Mass powerhouse featuring The Legendary Will Killingsworth, Matt Swift from Relics and The Living City, Joe Shumsky from Think I Care and Glue, and our friend Matt McKeown who spilled his guts with No Faith. In a nut shell this band tears shit up. Super pumped up and vicious straight edge power violence. This shit kills!"

Vaccine / No Faith Split 7" (2013)

My Photos by
"Genders was a short-lived Powerviolence outfit from the Massachusetts/Connecticut Area. These guys released a Demo in 2009 under their previous band-name "Afflictions" and a 7" titled "Day Of Choices" on Prgnt Records."

2009 Demo

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