Thursday, November 20, 2008

Labour History Project Christchurch

"The struggle of people against power is the same as the struggle of remembering against forgetting".

The Labour History Project is a nationwide group of people keen to promote Aotearoa's vibrant and often militant working class roots. They do things like publish books, put on events and seminars (such as the recent Blackball '08 celebration), workshops, and other events.

Currently, the Trade Union History Project is going through some structural changes, including a name change (the 'Labour History Project') — to take into account regional or thematic branches, womens movements, and the workers and communities not represented by Trade Unions.

This re-structure has opened the way towards forming a Christchurch based group.

A Christchurch based group could do a number of things — from promoting our past and present radical histories (specifically Christchurch, such as the 1932 Tramways’ Strike — or nationwide events), raise class awareness, connect with workers and communities, put on local events such as book releases, film nights, stalls etc — and basically celebrate everyday, working people.

It could be as low key or full on as people wanted it to be, and as a TUHP member you could do as much or as little as you wanted.

If you think you might have the slightest of interest in becoming a member, or even just to check things out, there is a mailing list set up to keep people informed on the Chritschurch group and its formation.

To sign on, simply go to the following link and subscribe. This means you can receive further info, take part in online discussion, be informed of physical group meetings, and get involved.

Subscribe here:

Or you can email the list at:
labourhistorychch (at)

Or you can email Jared at:
garage.collective (at)

TUHP can be found online at


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