Monday, November 10, 2008

RIP Steve Luke

Steve Luke, an Otautahi / Christchurch based anarchist, has tragically passed away. He was 52 years old.

Steve first got involved in anarchist politics and activism in the 1970s while at Massey University in Palmerston North. In more recent times, he has been a welcome presence at Otautahi / Christchurch protests and meetings, and has in the past year been involved in groups and projects like the Otautahi / Christchurch October 15th Solidarity group, the Otautahi Social Centre and the Otautahi Men’s Hui.

Steve had a car crash on Tuesday. He suffered broken ribs, collarbone, deep cut, concussion / fit, fluid on the lung and bruising. The hospital discharged him after less than 20 hours. He was at home with his cats and frequent visits from friends, but sadly and tragically he died Friday night. A friend found him Saturday morning.

Steve was a great talker…at pot lucks and parties you could easily start chatting politics with him and, before you knew it, it would be a bottle of wine and 2 hours later.

He will be sorely missed…

Yesterday we had a really nice wake with friends and family — a really wide diversity of people shows the amazing work Steve had been apart of.

Steve was a driving force in a lot of groups, as well as much needed conflict resolution. I know myself and everyone in Otautahi will miss him a great deal.

Indymedia discussion and Otautahi organaising won't ever be the same without you Steve.

More commemorations about Steve can be found at indymedia.

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